Uyen Uong Tinh Tu – The trend of Uyen Uong ao dai is brilliant for the big day

Uyen Uong Tinh Tu is a collection inspired by Mynoca’s designer from the image of a pair of lovebirds, a symbol of sweet lovers, entwined, loving, and together forever.

Uyen Uong Tinh Tu collection uses three main colors: red, pink, and white with many designs from traditional to modern, helping brides have more diverse choices to walk down the aisle together, next to their other half on the big wedding day.

Eternity – Eternal love – A collection of wedding ao dai with lovely and graceful beauty

For women, love is one of the most wonderful and important spices of married life. Each individual pursues their happiness and they always wish for a happy and fulfilling marriage for eternity.

Eternity Collection – Eternal Love with a message from Mynoca with the hope that brides and their other half will always have eternal love and go together to the end of the road.

The First Rainbow – Collection of elegant and charming high-end evening dresses

For ladies, the process of choosing what to wear to parties, important events, or simply celebrating a best friend’s birthday is extremely cautious.

Grasping this mentality, Mynoca launched a collection of evening dresses called The First Rainbow. True to its name, the evening dress designs in this collection carry all the colorful colors of the rainbow and are equally luxurious and elegant.